The morning started out feeling restless for me – I woke up too early and could not decide what to do, where to go, and how to fill up my saturday. It was like I had to go somewhere to do something, else I would be wasting my precious weekend away. It was unpleasant feeling triggered to create movement in a unnecessary manner.

So I went to collect my little ceramic cup / bowl from Goodman. I had made that earlier this year, and it took a while to be fired up and glazed. It felt like a proud moment: having transformed the clay from a square block, to the finished product in my hands.

And although it was far from perfect, it is perfect the way it is, now. So I wondered, what will I use it for? And even more importantly, what will I create next?

Life is renewal: the end of one process, signals the start of the next. The closing of a journey opens the subsequent pathway.

And it was a beautiful, awesomely delicious pre-birthday celebration with the family. We ordered so much, and yet it was all just enough. I also had a surprise bd dessert from the kitchen staff. Yayyyyy!!! Cheers and looking forward to turning 29 soon 🙂

Awareness Questions: what have you learnt from taking your journeys? What else can you learn from letting your journeys take you?


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