Had the chance to meet with a couple of team members in the new non-profit I am exploring as the next step in my career.

It was interesting to hear from them, their individual journeys, their challenges and their hopes for the organisation. It showed me once again that, there’s always multiple sides to the seemingly same story. And if we open into understanding them, the more we are able to help to change things for the better.

Work is work is work – it becomes part of us. But important, to not become it.

I felt a strange sense of attachment and uncertainty as I was preparing to head off from work and go to the airport. Although the vacation is literally here (i’m typing this post in the departure lounge), there is a feeling of uneasiness. Its like I can’t relax and let go totally.

Strange. Sitting with this feeling, and being open to what I can learn from this.

Awareness Question: what do you do to unplug from work, and plug back into Life?


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