Arriving into Sydney earlier in the morning, me and Choo travelled into the city, checked in, and spent the afternoon snoozing away! Hahaha talk about having an unplanned vacation, today was amazing.

We chatted, snoozed and dozed, laughed, chatted and inquired and got curious about stuff, started singing, and talked more. Blissful afternoon of being at ease, and simply relaxing and allowing myself to be. And then we took our time to explore the district around our hotel – which happened to be Oxford St.

Pride is an identity of authentic acceptance of who you truly are, in every area of your life.

It was heartening to see and witness the entire street, blazed in pride flags, celebrating equality and diversity.

How much more progressive our respective societies could be, in accepting and embracing every one.. what if we could see beyond our individual differences? What if we could more compassionately connect with the people around us? How might our world look like, feel like, then?

Awareness Question: what can I do to accept myself more, so that I can accept others more?


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