I had one of the best birthday celebrations in recent years – relaxed exploring with Choo in Sydney city, taking it slow and easy, and finding the joy and beauty in every spot that we find ourselves.

We went to stroll around Circular Quay, the Rocks, Sydney Opera House, and Darling Harbor… it was like reliving a past life. Having been there before, these places weren’t new. But being a different, newer person that I am, they were more intricate, brighter and sharper, and more beautiful to me now.

Visiting a same place again at different times is never the same – for we are never the same person.

Very grateful for Choo who spent the entire day with me, showering me with her friendship and her presence, and bringing me to have the tastiest dinner @ Hurricane’s. Such a yummy birthday indeed.

And yes – we bought the Aussie Lucky Charm: kangaroo scrotums. Hahahaha!!

(This is a day-late post because I was just too tired at the end of yesterday to blog)

Awareness Question: what’s the most ideal day of celebration? How will you spend your birthday, and make it your kind of perfect?


2 thoughts on “Day 67/100: celebrating my birthday in my best possible way, I feel very happy and very grateful

  1. Very Happy Birthday for yesterday!

    My birthday is next week and I haven’t decided how I will spend it yet. My little boy is doing a spring concert at school that day so I will definitely be going to watch that and will probably go out for lunch or dinner too. Then on Saturday I will have some close friends over to celebrate with a shared meal which will be lovely.

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    1. Sounds lovely to me 😀 birthdays are great when spent with the people we love. Go ahead and treat yrself !


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