We went shopping for vintage toys, wine and alcohol, and snacks today! Thank goodness for aussie shopping centres 😀 got myself a bottle of tasmanian whisky, finished in a pinot noir cask. Mmmm looking forward to tasting that!

We also took the chance to explore the Blue Mountains region, and gawk at the Three Sisters… it was beautiful. Peaceful and serene. 

Looking out the at expanse of greenery, the mountain range, rock formations, glint of sunshine coming through the clouds exposing the blue sky. Ahhhh it was a tiny slice of heaven in this moment

There is a serenity in nature that never comes and never goes: observe. Feel it.

And it was great to catch up with Joe over drinks this evening. We went bar hopping, and saw lads dancing on the bartops. Hahaha hilarious and entertaining! So much fun and laughter… how i’ve missed him and his joyous-cynical nature 😉

Friends come and go, some stay and some no. And i’m grateful to know that, while many of my friends have drifted away and grew in their own areas, some have stayed close (and far) and we still chat like yesterday. Friendship really is the bliss of Life.

Awareness Question: what is beautiful in your friendships?


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