Today felt like a half-slump for me: a sense of lethargy and inertia in my being… i’m guessing this is from the excitement and nerves from #AdeleLive last night, and frm the half-disturbed sleep.

And also the waking up into the realisation that my vacation is over, today. Hahaha, a snap back to reality post-dream-come-true. Finding it difficult to be present today.

Dreams do come true. 

The secret is to keep dreaming new ones to strive towards when you’ve achieved the old ones: keep moving forward.

And I guess i’m in between integration of the concert experience (that woohoo, i’ve finally finally met the one lady that has changed my life in so many different ways), and in coming back to center where I am continuing to move towards my other dreams… which are what again?

Awareness Question: what other dreams are waiting for me to be dream them into existence?


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