Today the family came together and celebrated a great woman: my grandmother, who is now the proud ahma (and soon-to-be great grandmother!).

It was good to see everyone again, and to co-indulge in so much good food at the lunch buffet. We also were blessed by the kitchen and service staff of Rise MBS who rallied and came out in full force to celebrate together with our family. 

Thank you thank you thank you, and so grateful to be able to witness my granny’s milestone in life, and celebrate with her alongside the family. I think many a time, we forget that while we’re growing up and going places, our parents and grandparents are growing older and continuing to chart their legacy for us to model.

Grandparents and parents give up so much to raise us, shelter and feed us, and dote on us – their sacrifice makes them angels of and in our lives, forever gracing us with their love and affection.

My heart splayed right open when I held my granny’s hand and wished her happy birthday. Looking straight into her eyes, she looked back, nodded her head and told me: “Thank you for coming today. Eat more.”

I am bursting with love and gratitude for my family, and yes, for the food we shared as well. Too much good food in one sitting dulls your body and mind, bleah. Today is an exception, nomnomnom to a great lady – my ahma.

Awareness Question: what can I learn from my granny? What can I start to apply in my life?


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