This is a photo of me enjoying tea and the beautiful view at the 18th floor in Tiong Bahru Plaza. It was gorgeous, and this had no indication of the emotional instability occuring about an hour before this.

I was triggered by a work colleague, who came to ask overly-detailed questions regarding my projected work plans for the upcoming financial year. I felt as though he was policing me, and I was on fire. Pissed off. Mad and angry. Rage.

Whenever you get triggered, get curious. Ask why, and dig deeper. This is where the journey of self-development begins.

In this afternoon episode, I am made aware of the need for me to grow my emotional agility so that I can respond in a more healthy manner instead of getting overly triggered. The area for inquiry is – what is driving my trigger? And how might I then overcome it, and get triggered less.

Was it my need for personal and professional space? Was it my need for autonomy and independent achievement? Was it my need for others to understand me well? Was it my need to avoid stupidity?! Was it all of this? Pondering thoughts…

Awareness Question: what would promote and cultivate emotional agility for myself?


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