The word today is permission.

When we were led on the inner journey to (re)discover our inner leader – the part of us thats wise, compassionate, fully resourceful, and courageous – I reconnected with my source. And it was a beautiful experience that caused tears to come flooding…

There was this sense of love that was deeper than the ocean, a reverence thats higher than the sky, and a permission to be who I really am thats as wide as the world. And it was all accepting. And source gave me the gift of permission: that I can stop hiding myself away, and start showing up more fully in Life.

When we grow ourselves into bigger and more authentic versions of ourselves, we give others the permission to do the same. We then get a chance of making the world larger and more real – when we give permission for us to be totally human.

And coaching my colleague on fulfillment was amazingly fulfilling for me – it was such an experience to be able to surrender to the process, get curious, co-discover with her, and give her the choice to decide where she wants to go, what she’s taking away from the session, her learning and growth, and her action.

Tell me again what empowerment means 😉

Awareness Question: how would the gift of permission honor my value of authentic wellbeing?


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