It was such an honor to be able to learn and grow with this group of amazing 28 human beings over this weekend in fulfillment. To be able to get clarity on who we were and what we stand for, its been really a gift.

And i’m so grateful to have had this experience of deepening my learning as a coach, to get in touch with what it means to live out a fulfilling life of purpose for myself – and getting to declare that I am the compassionate leader that inspires a better world, one dream at a time.

When we get connected to what truly inspires us and declare that to the world, it resonates and joins us to amplify our impact.

Such a beautiful and amazing weekend of sharing in the community with this group of friends, and of bonding like family. I’m a good kind of tired, and I look forward to continuing this coaching journey with them in April and beyond.

To them and to us: may we continue to be this light that illuminates our world, and may we shine and call forth the inner beauty of everyone we meet. May we make a bigger difference through our life purpose, and create a Life thats fulfilling and honors our highest values. May we live from our Inner Leader, and never lose sight of who we are. And may we always remember, that we are powerful beyond measure.

Awareness Question: who do I choose to be, tomorrow?


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