Yesterday’s adventure filled my soul, and also drained my physical reserves… I woke up today feeling tired and in need of rest and recharging. But life carries on no matter what – so I made the choice to sleep in an additional hour 😀 and then head to office to conquer the day.

And it worked (for a bit!). Needing to exercise new parts of my brain, it left me feeling zapped rather quickly. But a good kind of zapped, the kind you get when you’re learning something and doing it on the fly. Kind of an enjoyable process.

Not everything is going to be comfortable or enjoyable in Life – what matters is that you can be ok, with not being ok.

So taking the evening to enjoy an onsen spa with my mum, I feel all relaxed and with jelly limbs nw. Ready to turn in and rest – for tomorrow will bring challenges of tomorrow 🙂 and I will overcome them!

The fight is a mindset.

Awareness Question: what are my daily challenges that I can learn to make peace with?


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