Liquid courage is a cup of tea.

A more open conversation with someone who mattered… we were once close, and we drifted apart. We now have less things in common, and we’re growing in different directions – we seem to be at different stages in our lives. And thats okay.

You took the courage to share with me what was on our hearts and minds, and yes, I took the courage to ask what’s next. We both don’t know. And thats okay too, for now.

After many years, its okay to grow stagnant and to start wondering if what’s here is meaningful. I’m not sure – all I know is, the past is and will always be a memory; and memories to be cherished for time eternal.

If something doesn’t grow, it slowly withers and dies… such is love, such is friendship, such is relationship, such is life.

And I’m guessing the invitation is here for us to seize this opportunity to reflect: to go deep within and find answers for ourselves.

Awareness Question: where to, from here?


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