Started the day with an indulgence – a buttered raisin scone, paired with a hot cup of milo. Yummy and delicious kickoff to the amazing Friday I just had.

Had an interesting discussion over performance management within the organisation, and it was cool to get curious (to ask lots of questions), and also supportive (to give lots of suggestions). And that’s an important part of being an engaged staff who gives feedback and participates in the process – afterall, we are fellow staff and also customers of the system.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Supported our leaders’ lab session today as well, and it was beautiful to be able to help offer this discussion platform for people to co-learn and co-network. Couple of leads and opportunities for me to chase down as well 🙂

Feeling very grateful and fulfilled this evening. Mmmm allowing myself to just sit in gratitude, savor before heading to bed.

Awareness Question: how else can I help? What other ways can I support and give?


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