My saturday was a rather relaxed one – met up with Jireh to indulge in a nice brunch. Pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, bacon, scrambled eggs… they were the championing start to our day together.

We got to catch up, chat and laugh about so many things. Stuff that is, stuff that was, and hopes of stuff that will be. Pretty cool right, covering the entire spectrum 😉 and yes, we also watched Beauty and the Beast.

The film was intricate display of emotion and a beautyful remake… wow. The tenderness that both belle and beast brought to their characters was amazing. Their innocence and the playfulness in playing their roles.. very beautyful!

Days in the sun will return, we must believe as lovers do, that days in the sun will come shining through.  (Disney)

And yet, we both enjoyed the film to different extents. That while we both loved the unfolding of the classical story and were both enthralled in the love and magic of it all, he felt that some musical parts were too lengthy. 

And I found myself semi-shutting down because he didnt experience something in the same totality as me. Even though I know that we are both very different, I found myself holding him to a standard I created. Which is unfair, and a lesson for me to learn.

Awareness Question: how can I be even more like Belle, accepting and trusting and open to seeing people as they really are?


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