Today I took the day to prepare for my last interview for a potential programme director role with a local nonprofit… it allowed me to relook all my strengths and experiences, and to synthesize that into a coherent-enough story of how and why I fit this leadership role.

And it was mostly fun and interesting, with learning along the way as well.. as i allowed myself to brainstorm and articulate my professional journey so far, and what I hope to contribute to the work – also getting an extra perspective on what possible interventions would be useful for (nonprofit) organisations at different stages of their life cycle.

What gives you the right to be a leader?

What makes you a good leader?

Why should others let you lead them?

These were the tough questions I struggled to answer during the discussion with the Board at the interview. 

I gave my darndest best, breathed into self certainty, and shared my truth that being a leader meant growing others to their fullest potential; that being able to pull the team together, integrate resources and perspectives (and making tough decisions), and go forward together would make me a leader; that ultimately being a leader meant that I served my team well, so that they can create the work they need to create.

There was a vibrant diversity of “leadership” definitions at the table, and it was so interesting to observe and participate. Also shows the level of alignment and agreement, haha! 

Awareness Question: are we cultivating diversity or alignment?


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