Had the opportunity to meet new friends through Ranjan, at his mindful meets group… it was a beautiful evening, where we spent an hour in active meditation, and 20mins being in mindful walk on the lawns.

The precious sensation of feeling damp grass beneath your feet – the prickly, pokey, wet and squishy, like straws on a sponge.. felt weirdly liberating to be able to walk on the lawn, and bringing our full attention to the sensations around us. Very precious indeed, something I shall keep in mind to continue to do in the future.

When I come with and bring expectations into my meditation, often I get nothing at the end and often feel frustrated. 

However, when I come with nothing and bring no expectations, I find myself enjoying the process of being still and being quiet. Then I truly experience what meditation is. (Fellow mindful meets friend)

And I guess my takeaway from today’s session is to let go of my preconceived ideas of how things should be, and to be more open to how they might unfold and develop. That if I could surrender more to being ok with not knowing, I would enjoy the journey more.

And yes – working with my mind, letting everything go, and finding my stillness in every single moment – that is magic.

Awareness Question: what expectations and beliefs are you holding on right now?


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