Yesterday evening was a crap one: insomnia. I struggled with sleep for a good 3 hours, and barely clocked 4 hours of rest before heading out for an entire day. It left me feeling exhausted (physical, psychological, both?)

Made it for a catch up with the ST team, and we all brought up to speed on the current and future developments. Very interesting and very promising – time for me to start being a bit more diligent in creating value for the team.

To ponder: how are we creating a solution that empowers employees, meets their needs, and speaks to their core values? How are we shape our narrative? What needs to change? What needs to be added, dropped, modified?

The organisation is, above all, social. It is people. (Peter Drucker)

More thoughts, and yes – amidst all the insomnia and mind racing – I realised I need to put together a landing site of sorts for myself. So that I can start to share my story, shape my service to others, and step out.

Scary, and exciting at the same time. Stay tuned!

Awareness Question: how can I share my story, so that I can continue to inspire others?


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