Today I feel much better than I felt yesterday: I was able to better tap into my inner motivation, inspiration, and flow. It does seem to be true that your internal reality affects how you experience the outside world.

And we had lunch at the Supreme Court (see pic above). It’s gorgeous, the sense of spaciousness, of justice, and of authority. I could feel my being expand and liberate! Very interesting 🙂

Love yourself. Love where you are. Love what you do. Love who you’re with. Love your life.

Then watch everything transform.

I also received a ‘wicked’ whatsapp text from my boss: I have received a promotion! Wow. Blown away. Gratitude and happiness and celebration. Glad to be appreciated and valued by the team.

And then comes the dilemma: do I continue to stay, or do I look to go (when the opportunity presents itself)? Pluses and deltas, either way.

But leaving the dilemma til when I need to make the decision, for now, I get to celebrate!

Awareness Question: how are you celebrating your progress and achievements in Life?


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