And the sky displayed a beautiful display – dance of the clouds – to celebrate the end of a great workday. I was able to connect with two new arts groups and facilitated their kickoff briefing.

Awesome. Felt a sense of achievement and accomplishment – and allowing this to roll forward into the upcoming major kickoff session this coming monday with the remaining 8 groups.

Allow your failures to create learning, and allow your successes to create momentum.

And also had a good follow-up conversation with my intern after that to lock in his learning. Also to plan forward for a chat so that I can chart his continued contribution and growth with us. I am gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a supervisor, and a leader.

Today also saw the arrival of another development worth celebrating: I am getting offered the position I had explored. It is a big step up, and it scares me. And yet, there is also lots to do in my current position that i’m so grateful for. 

Dilemma dilemma dilemma. How do people choose? How can I choose?

Awareness Question: what is the best path forward?


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