What a fucking bummer. Who knew there was an actual emplacement policy for HR? I only knew moving staff from a grade to the next were promotions… sigh!

Anger and frustration rose to the surface. Bubbles of rage. Blanketing over a simmering pot of disappointment, sadness, and grief.

We are human.

Our pain, our glory, our achievements and disappointments, our anguish, our dreams and aspirations, our joy and our sadness – they tell the story of us. And they matter. Because we matter.

Realising again that my emotionality is both a strength and a crutch – being able to feel so much more has enabled me to potentially get hijacked and blinded by my emotions. 

Breathe. I am still here. Life is still here. And letting the spun story go…

Awareness Question: who are you, if you knew you are not the story?


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