The night was long and full of laughter and chatting… it was great to chill out with friends in the office after an interesting week at work 😉

And wine o’clock is back with a vengeance!! We had also whisky, cheese, crisps, and #smoltok cards – it was a laugh to play the game, and get to know each other at a deeper level… kudos to meaningful conversations!

A conversation is so much more than words: a conversation is eyes, smiles, the silences between the words. (Annika Thor)

Still a need to keep processing my emotions and stuff from the ’emplacement saga’. This will be fodder for the weekend, for me to get emotional clarity and perspective and learning…

Awareness Question: what is coming up, that is preventing me from letting go of this story? What can come up, to help me let go of this story?


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