Yesterday I took an hour to have a heart-to-heart talk with my supervisor – I wanted her to understand what I was going through, the choices in front of me, and my thoughts and concerns… there was no firm outcomes, and the ball remained in my court.

And I gained a bit more clarity, a bit more perspective of what needs to happen next: I just stay connected to what fucking fulfills me at this moment. I keep doing what is meaningful, and the path ahead forges itself for me.

Passion = Meaning + Progress (unknown)

There is both meaning and progress in the work that I am doing now; being able to serve nonprofits towards greater effectiveness and sustainability. Being a partner of good.

I don’t yet know what I don’t, but i do know all this. For now, this is more than good enough. And for this, I am grateful.

Tomorrow we are day 100..!!

Awareness Question: what does clarity look like?


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