Travelling well – learning, by instinct, not Must-Do’s

In the last flurry of flights, I am jetlagged and tired. And also thankful that I am home. Looking back on the past 10 days, it has been quite a blessing.
There were many experiences – from the poffertjes in Amsterdam, drinking chicken soup in Dublin, gobbling everything duck and ‘pain’ in Toulouse, gawking at the Pyrenees Mountains around Andorra, surviving the mad drives, immersing myself in the meditterranean, and exploring old forts in Carcassonne – each glimpse as precious as the last.

Looking back, there were many things that went excellently well, and also some that simply left me gobsmacked and shaking my head.

To better future travels, I understand that some of these experiences served to offer lessons and suggestions with a different perspective:

  • Prepare well, and also prepare to be unprepared
  • Let go of expectations and surrender to the experience and the journey
  • Take it easy, relaxed, and slow
  • Engage and connect with people on your journey

Integrating everything, i’m looking forward to the next step out of Singapore, where I get to expose myself to more of everything the rest of the world can offer. It is a brand new day…


Be a kid, once again.

Went to the library today to check out some books. So spent an hour or so, just reading in this spot. The children’s section: my tree house. And it comes complete with squirrels,rabbits, butterflies, trees and fungi. Awesome!

Being a child today felt like literally being a child; reading books alongside kids who were learning the alphabet and animals and numbers and colors.

So grateful for simply taking the time, sitting in a corner, resting on a ‘tree bark’, and getting absorbed into a book on Quiet Leadership. 

Indeed a beautiful life, if we allowed our inner kids to come out and be, just once in a while.