Sunday is a day destined for our rest, and for rejuvenation for the week ahead. Today, I did all of this: I gave myself the gift of an onsen bath spa with a thai massage add-on.

Soaking and steeping in mineral-rich hot spring waters, perspiring and detoxifying in the sauna, cooling down with a fresh shower, and then being stretched and kneaded to a place of ache-bliss-relaxation… wow, its been a great sunday of self-care, and of recharging my inner batteries.

Going all out to do something that recharges oneself, and putting one’s needs as the top priority: that is self-care. Because we cannot serve from an empty cup.

Feeling very full, and relaxed – ready to face the week ahead as best as I can, and in all that I am now. It’s gonna be tough, looking at another 6-day week, and yet I know it’s going to okay because i’m going in to flow.

What have you done the past week to care for yourself? And what does self-care mean to you?


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